Creative process



ANN KERSËN transposes ideas into reality thanks to a technical team, passionate by art and creation. Her principal source of inspiration have always been music.

Is the major element feeding her creation. It results in refined furniture pieces introducing a new era of elegance, captivating by their singularity.


Each step of creation is developed with rigor. Plans are analysed and reviewed in minute detail. Materials are all chosen with care and the wood is worked with respect. Each piece is then packed and delivered with diligence.


ANN KERSËN’s production team is located directly in the creative pool of the island of Montreal and responds to a new vision of furniture and residential products to the highest standards of quality. The values ​​at the heart of ANN KERSËN’s team concern an enveloping customer service, mastery and know-how.

ANN KERSËN, a dynamic team of professionals :

Suzanne Tardif

Co-Chair/Executive Director

Huguette Vachon

Technical Director

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